GivEnergy opens up HQ expansion with acquisition of adjacent property on Brymbo Road

November 8, 2023

Givenergy HQ signage

GivEnergy, leading energy storage manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the purchase of an additional property neighbouring its current HQ. This latest property acquisition opens the potential to create a multi-building headquarters complex in the heart of Newcastle under Lyme.

Earlier in 2023, GivEnergy purchased Osprey House on Brymbo Road. The company turned the previously abandoned 3-storey office building into its new, renewably powered global headquarters. Now, after a year of 500% hypergrowth, the company has future-proofed its expansion by also buying the building next door.

The second Brymbo Road property is currently around 80% occupied by existing tenants. In the first instance, GivEnergy is considering the potential to use the available space remaining to accommodate its expanding operational activities. Longer-term, this latest property acquisition opens the potential to expand the company’s HQ and accommodate some 150+ additional employees in one large group complex.

“Acquiring the adjacent property on Brymbo Road represents massively exciting prospects for GivEnergy as we scale,” says Jason Howlett, Group CEO of GivEnergy. “We now own two side-by-side three-storey properties: Osprey House Unit 1, and Osprey House Unit 2. So, we can accommodate our immediate growth as well as position ourselves for even more scaling in the future.”

The purchase of Unit 2, Osprey House, is just one acquisition in a chain of portfolio investments for the growing energy storage firm. Property-wise, GivEnergy has already bought its previously mentioned HQ, invested in two new custom-built Stoke on Trent manufacturing facilities, and purchased a large plot of land in Newcastle under Lyme. Elsewhere in the UK, the company has also purchased an additional office and warehousing site in Hull to support its growing distribution networks.

Looking beyond property assets, GivEnergy has also made a slew of investments in growth. In 2023 alone, this includes teams in Europe and Australia, the acquisition of Satori Education under its daughter company (GivEducation), and the hiring of over 50 additional UK office staff (and counting).

“GivEnergy is on an accelerated growth curve,” Jason comments. “Our mission is to empower energy freedom for all, and we’re pulling out all the stops to achieve it.

“The new property on Brymbo Road is another step forwards in our commitment to sustainability and innovation. We’ve gone from a start-up, to a company turning over circa £100m – and we’re investing all that back into the business and the clean energy sector. We now have the space to scale our operations, enhance our research and development efforts, and further support our work in providing accessible, sustainable energy solutions to homes, businesses, and communities around the world.”

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