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Materials Recycling Facility

An exciting opportunity for a Materials Recycling Facility to serve the region’s domestic recyclable material collection tonnage is underway with preparatory works including the design and implementation of a flood alleviation solution in the area identified for the development. This provides the potential to explore methods of optimising recycling rates, as well as enhancing the quality of the extracted recyclate to deliver higher returns and greater diversion from landfill.

Whilst keeping the solution local, there is also potential for savings, via avoided bulking and materials transfer and processing costs, increased revenue generation, and greater control by the council over the municipal recyclate infrastructure and service delivery within the city and the surrounding area. These aspects would further aid the council in its drive towards a cohesive and efficient waste management solution with potential linkages to the established energy recovery infrastructure.


Cost: £25m-£30m
Size: c15 Acres


Completion expected to be 2025

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